Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Thoc Theatre Awards

The Thoc Theatre Awards, perhaps the biggest institutional prize for creators of theatre in Cyprus, have already been in existence for twenty years. They were established in 2001 and are awarded to artists for outstanding work in their respective fields. Embracing all forms of artistic expression, Thoc celebrates the diverse work of the honourees, as well as the breadth of their contribution to Cypriot theatre and the cultural life of the country in general.

The awards are decided by an independent jury.

Recognising the impact of the Awards among theatre professionals and the public at large, and wishing to reward excellence and experimentation, Thoc’s Board of Directors occasionally makes changes to ensure that they remain contemporary and relevant.

The most recent and possibly most radical change concerns the philosophy behind the Awards, as well as their number: as of 2017, they are given to three creators (the Thoc Grand Prize, Creator of the Year, and Young Creator of the Year), who receive a hand-made trophy, a sum of money, and the offer of a contract of work from Thoc.

So far, 119 artists have been honoured for their talent, hard work, dedication, and belief in the importance of the theatre.