Cyprus Theatre Organisation

Educational Programmes

We have been offering a range of fascinating new activities either free of charge or for a token fee, so that instead of the public’s interest in the theatre waning in times of crisis, it increases. By making the best possible use of the knowledge and experience of theatre professionals, we attract members of the public of various ages, interests and backgrounds to participate in our educational programmes, including teachers, parents, children, teenagers, and people with severe visual impairment.

This dynamic new dialogue between Thoc and the public benefits both theatre and society in general, for which theatre is a necessity for the many and not a luxury for the few.

Since 2014, an average of 30 workshops a year have been held under the umbrella of the Theatre Shelter, as well as an additional number of masterclasses, school visits to Thoc, and information days on issues that concern people working at Thoc.  Special programmes are also organised for groups with limited accessibility, such as ‘See Us Otherwise’ for visually impaired people.

Beneficiaries: the general public, theatre professionals, schoolchildren, students, other professionals whose work brings them into contact with the theatre, and other special groups.

In common with the other Arts, the theatre cannot remain on the sidelines during these testing times. Thoc has acted in response to the current situation, adapting existing initiatives and coming up with new ways to engage creatively with society.

Information about educational programmes:

Thoc Theatre Development Department, tel: 22864320-1

Wednesday Workshops

Our Wednesday Workshops take place from October to May, and are led by professionals from the theatre and the world of the Arts.

They deal with a wide range of topics, while at the end of each workshop those who have attended receive a certificate of participation. The workshops are held every Wednesday evening from 4pm to 7pm at the Thoc Building and are limited to 25 people at a time. 

Participation fee: €10 per workshop.

For information, the public can contact Thoc’s Theatre Development Officer Marina Maleni by telephone (22864320) or email ( or the Assistant to the Theatre Development Officer Niki Mourouzi (22864321 or

The workshops were temporarily suspended because of Covid and measures were put in place to prevent the spread of infection. They resumed in March and April 2022 both online and in person.